About Us

Hey, This is us.

This is Us

Cru is a caring community passionate about connecting students and faculty to Christ.

We are students who BELIEVE.

We believe that Jesus is King. We want to be the signposts who point the way to Him.  We don’t assume that everyone who checks out Cru is at this same place of believe. In light of this, we desire to provide a great environment for students to think deeply about Jesus, no matter where they are on their spiritual journey.

We offer a community to BELONG.

Life is about relationships. Cru is a community to call home, get rooted, and grow with others in our faith.

GO BIG. We have a large group, weekly gathering on Thursday nights at 8:45 in the Grandfather Ballroom.

GO SMALL. Community Groups are intimate gatherings where we study the bible, connect in authentic ways, and learn to share the love of Christ with those around us. Community groups are taking place on every corner of the campus and throughout the off-campus community. Find one that fits you.

We actively seek to BLESS the world.

If we keep our faith all bottled up, we’ve missed the point. Our mission is to humbly show and tell about Jesus wherever we go. We get excited about sending students from AppState to the furthest reaches of the world with a missionary mindset. Places like Central Asia.

Still want more info on Cru?

Here’s the big picture.

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