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iCare is a a dangerous, two week pursuit of intentional love


iCare is a faith journey calling us to be intentional about love. Period. In an iWorld of constant distractions, God calls us to show up and be present in people’s lives in real ways. Maybe it’s time to turn off our screens and tune into God’s heart for people. We dare you to join us.


Our Posture

Our posture toward God and the people he placed around us is everything. Each day represents a posture that will help you to be intentional about love. Here are some hints about what is coming your way.

iThank | iPray | iShare | iWonder | iServe | iSurrender | iGive | iGo

Participation & Commitment

It’s simple. Every morning you will be texted an iCare mission of the day. Some will be personal. Many will invite you to participate with others in the Cru community in more public ways.  Everything is designed to increase your love for God and people.

The 4 commitments of iCare

  1. Be faithful to pursue the daily iCare mission to the best of your ability. Falling flat on your face is fine.
  2. You must find at least one other person who will challenge and strengthen you along this 2 week journey. Our faith is not a solo mission and neither is iCare.
  3. Keep a daily journal of thoughts and actions. They will reveal the deeper insights of your heart. They are between you and God.
  4. Don’t do this mission if you are unwilling to talk to people around you about the good news of Jesus Christ. If you are simply willing to live a normal life with gospel intentionality, iCare is for you.

What are you waiting for?

Join us on the journey by texting keyword icare to 828-398-0097. You first mission begins after the weekly meeting on Thursday.

Training and Tools

We care enough about our friends and neighbors to share with them the hope of Jesus Christ. Here are some great visual resources to download on your mobile device and share with the people God has placed in your life.

Download for ipad (or similar size screen)

Download for smartphone

Want to pull off iCare at your campus?

We have a ton of additional resources and details for you if you want to try iCare at your location. Contact Eric.