Cru Summer Missions

Summer Missions With Cru

Cru knows you. Cru knows missions.

This summer, thousands of students will go around the world on a Summer Mission with Cru. They will see God move with their own eyes – and through their own lives.

As the largest missionary organization in the world, Cru knows how to prepare you, and send you to be effective. Cru’s full-time staff missionaries don’t just lead the trip, but also focus on pouring into you as you pour into others – guiding you, training and encouraging you. Our expertise with college students merge with our global ministry partnerships to form a summer that is significant to both you and the local ministries.



On a Summer Mission with Cru, you will:

  • Go with a team of other college students
  • Grow Closer to God
  • Experience the meaning of community
  • Bring the Gospel to people who need Jesus
  • See the world through God’s eyes
  • Learn to articulate the Gospel to anybody, anywhere


AppState Cru Spotlight: Central Asia

Here at App State, we have strategically partnered with a country in Central Asia. We are starting to lay the spiritual foundation for a new ministry to college students where the voice of Christ is largely unheard. Rather than simply providing a one-time “missions experience,” our campus is engaging in a longer term relationship with this nation so that we can sow seeds that will hopefully grow deep roots. We don’t want to simply go somewhere and never have a relationship with the people again.  You can get involved in this partnership by praying, giving, or going on a 2-6 week summer mission.

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