The Core Concepts

The Core Concepts are the foundation of App State coaching. If you’re coachee has not gone through them, then this is the right place to start.

There are six Core Concepts so you should be able to get through them all in one semester (for each core concept, there is a leader’s version and a student version). Most people who grew up in church will be familiar with their content, so we suggest having your coachee teach the concepts to you! Maybe model the first one and then have them do the rest.

In order to keep things interesting, we recommend having your coachee choose four other topics from the Resource Bin to intersperse with the Core Concepts. And don’t forget, at least two of your coaching appointments need to revolve around completing a Cru Tools training.

Sample Coaching Schedule

Here is a sample coaching schedule that incorporates all of the Core Concepts. It also incorporates four resources from the Resource Bin and two Cru Tools trainings. Feel free to use it as a template or create your own from scratch!

Week 1 – Core Concept 1

Week 2 – Resource Bin: Answering Common Objections to Christianity

Week 3 – Core Concept 2

Week 4 – Cru Tool training: How would you describe to a friend how to become a Christian? (KGP)

Week 5 – Core Concept 3

Week 6 – Resource Bin: 5 Notes on Dating

Week 7 – Core Concept 4

Week 8 – Resource Bin: We Need Boring Christians

Week 9 – Core Concept 5

Week 10 – Cru Tool training: What’s your story? (testimony training)

Week 11 – Core Concept 6

Week 12 – Resource Bin: 6 Ways to Waste Your College Education


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