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The articles, videos, and audio clips in the Resource Bin have been thoughtfully selected by the staff team to help encourage and challenge you and your coachee in the areas you need it most.

There are two ways to find what you’re looking for: (1) use the search bar to the right to search by keyword or (2) peruse all the topics available below. Don’t know what you’re looking for? Consider starting by going over the Planning for Coaching Appointments guide either by yourself or with your coachee to identify some potential areas for growth.


Section One: Training                                                             

Art of Discussion

Gospel-Centered Questions:  getting at our heart motivations

Life Map:  heroes, hand of God, hard times, high points, heritage

Planning for Coaching Appointments

Spiritual Multiplication

The Acid Test:  seeing everything as a gift

Requiring Others to Take Responsibility for their choices

Technology and the Heart:  trying to appear better than we are on social media

Thinking Rightly About God:  maintaining a noble concept of God

Section Two: Sharpening Your Character

All of Life is Repentance:  how the gospel transforms repentance

Boys Who Can Shave:  moving from adolescence to manhood

Ingredients of Growth:  grace + truth over time

Obedience Not Victory:  our responsibility for holiness

Standing Strong (Sexual Purity for women)

Fruit of the Spirit Defined

8 Principles for Dating (for Women) 

The Snare of Compare:  comparing ourselves to others

8 Things That Reveal a Woman’s Character (for guys)

8 Things to Convince You of a Man’s Character (for girls)

A Garbage Pile of Good Deeds:  checking your motivation for doing good to others

We Need Boring Christians:  faithfulness in the small things

What Is Better?:  continuing to fight against sin

Why Do We Say God Told Me?:  expecting God to speak through the Scriptures

Section Three: Sharpening Your Skills

Answering Objections to Christian Faith

Biblical Interpretation

Feeding Our Hungry Souls:  when we fail to feed on God’s Word

How To Use Soularium Cards to initiate a spiritual conversation

Initiative Evangelism: not waiting for others to ask you

Not Being Able to do it All:  breaking free from a performance mentality

Time Management Math:  seeing where your time goes

Perspectives:  a variation on the use of Perspective Cards

Redemptive Relationships: avoiding evil yet not always avoiding the appearance of evil

Sharing Your Story: preparing to share your testimony

5 Principles for Dating (for Men) 

Preparing Your Spiritual Appetizer:  sorting through the parts of your story that might best connect with not-yet Christians

Communion With the Spirit:  you aren’t given new information to understand, but new eyes to see

Is There Only One Way?:  is Christ the only way to salvation?

Becoming a Life-Giving Mentor, not a dispenser of information

Becoming a Life-Giving Mentor Skill Sharpening

Dating 101

7 Marks of Enduring Accountability Relationships:  facilitating this component of healthy relationships

Christ Did Not Die For You To Do Keg Stands:  formulating a Christian response to drinking on our college campuses

Section Four: Sharpening Your Mission

Definition of Love: 1 Cor 13

Five Things for Your Summer:  kingdom vision, team, plan, ongoing coaching, coach

Worldview Questionnaire

Sharpening Your Mission Further:  more resources from

Coaching Concordance:  what the Bible has to say about several common topics, with references

Good Ways to Start Wondering:  easing into spiritual conversations with “I’m wondering  . . .”

Gospel Proclamation and Social Justice:  combining the two, not one or the other

Grace Right Here Right Now:  understanding the majesty and practicality of the grace you have been given

Deconstructing Defeater Beliefs:  beliefs that automatically make Christianity seem implausible to people.  This one is a little longer, you may want to do this over 2 coaching times.  

You are Uniquely Wired and Uniquely Placed by God 

Answering Common Objections to Christianity  

6 Ways to Waste Your College Education:  allowing your faith to inform your life

For Seniors

Eight Habits For the Transition:  a personal development workshop to help in the transition to “after college”

Sent Ones:  being life-time Christ-centered laborers

What Are We Put In This World to Do?

Recommended Books for Coaching

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